Pros and Cons of Solar Power

The advantages of solar energy continue to grow with more pros and experts learning more about the process and features. Of course, there are also a number of consequences especially for the person who does not study much about the devices. It is important that you weigh the potential of having your own setup. You should consider the things you need to power, your location, budget, etc. Here are some more details about the "pros and cons of solar power".

On Availability

The good thing about solar energy is that it can be used anytime or as long as the sun is available. You can get the power you need day in and day out. Solar power is a renewable resource which means that you do not have to pay any bill or keep replacing parts to get the results that you need. The disadvantage in terms of availability is that you cannot access the energy if there is no sunlight. You cannot rely on solar power at night - Without the use of batteries to store excess solar energy for use when the sun is unavailable. Also, in places that tend to be dark for several months at a time (e.g. Alaska).

Things to Power

Nowadays, solar energy can power a variety of objects such as homes, offices, cars, small light fixtures, toys and calculators. You can now rely on the sun to help you minimize utility and electric bills. You can even see a number of vehicles now solely powered by the sun. The disadvantage to the approach is that the power may tend to fluctuate depending on the sunlight available. Some devices may not work as well if the acquired energy from the sun is insufficient. In some cases, power may totally fail if solar energy is limited or unavailable.

On Installation

Even though solar cell panels are readily available in most hardware stores and the internet, not everyone is still capable of installing the devices properly. The initial setup costs may be very expensive for some individuals. Many people may find that the tasks are hard to do unless they rely on a professional to do all the work, or have explicit instructions from a reliable solar energy guide. Installation will depend on several factors and will need careful study, such as the angle of the sun, the position and area where you need to place the solar panels and the number of hours to complete the project.

On Purchasing

Purchasing solar power systems can be more expensive for new home builders/buyers. Those who have been used to the old systems may find they have to spend more initially on the different systems. Overall, the cost for maintenance begins to taper down quickly because the sun is readily available, and more importantly, free. Some people, especially those coming from the third world countries may not have available solar cell panels ready for purchase. They may have to order online. The professionals needed to install and maintain the system may not also be available in some areas. The fees, if available, might be more expensive. You should compare all the options first for your own disposition. But once you have considered everything I am confident you will likely see the huge overall savings in using renewable solar energy for your power needs.

Top 4 Expert Picks For Going Green Follows:

#1 Rated Alternative Energy Site for

Earth 4 Energy
Green power
Ease of Building
Cost of  Building
Overall Rating

The clear winner from our evaluations was Green Power Easy. This learning package was developed by Peter and Jennifer Lowe, and it is the most well put together green package that we tested.

When you buy Green Power Easy you will immediately be able to download the package. Included is the manual, blueprints, and how-to videos that make learning this one simple.

The focus of this package is on converting your home to either wind or solar power or both. Most importantly it focuses on how to accomplish this for very little cost. All of the parts that Green Power Easy recommends will be available locally (they were for us), and most of the pieces we needed came from our hardware store.

You'll also get recommendations on how to get deep-cycle batteries for free. Generating power is one thing, but storing it is also important. With free batteries, lower cost of parts, and the learning material, we were able to do an entire home conversion without a huge outlay of cash.

This package laid out everything for us from how to build a single solar panel to how to create a grid of batteries to store that power. With the addition of the Green Power Easy TV videos that is included, this package offers outstanding value, and makes converting your home simple.

Best of all, when we finished the conversion, the power generated by the system was enough that we were feeding power back to the power company, even during peak usage times, which in turn has the power company paying us for that power. Life is good!

For being the most complete package, that also worked better than the others we tested, we are giving this one the best-green-learning-package award!


Right Now Green Power Easy is on sale for $49.97. This is a huge discount from the cover price for the four guides of $139. We've been told that this special won't last long. If you've been looking to go green and save, you won't want to miss this excellent deal!

In Summary: for clearly laid out material, the lowest cost of building, a complete solar panel video series, and the best solar and wind power guide, and the best power generation out of any guide we tested, we are recommending Green Power Easy as our  top pick. No other package we tested made going green so easy.

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#2 Earth 4 Energy

Home Made Energy
Green Power
Ease of Building
Cost Involved
Overall Rating

In second place we have an eBook package called Earth 4 Energy. Previously this one was in top spot, but with Green Power Easy coming to market it got beat out (by far).

The Earth 4 Energy package again consists of both eBooks and videos that work to teach you how to convert your home. The material is clearly laid out (although not quite as well as Green Power Easy) and the instructions are simple to follow. 

When we tested the components that we built using this system the power generated by the solar panels and the windmill did match that of our winner. 

The only complaint I had about this package was its focus. While Green Power Easy teaches you how to build and implement an alternative energy system for an entire home, this one focuses more on the individual components. It does get into converting the whole home, but it isn't explained as well as with our winner.

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#3 Home Made Energy

Home Made Energy
Green Power
Ease of Building
Cost Involved
Overall Rating

In third place we have Home Made Energy. Overall this package is worth the money you spend to get it, but it just isn't written as well as our top two picks.

The Home Made Energy package again consists eBooks and videos that work to teach you how to convert your home. The material is fairly well laid out, but the images lack a little compared to Green Power Easy.

You will be able to build solar panels, or build wind turbines with Home Made Energy, but you wouldn't be able to perform a whole home conversion. If your only purpose is to build a single panel/turbine to supplement your homes energy requirements, I may suggest this one.

Even then though, the images/videos in Green Power Easy are better. And, with the availability of Green Power Easy TV, Home Made Energy is simply lacking in content compared to the top pick.

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#4 Energy 2 Green

Energy 2 Green
Green Power
Ease of Building
Cost of Building
Overall Rating

The fourth product on our list is Energy 2 Green. This one isn't a bad product, but it didn't fair as well as the first two on our list. I think that this one failed mostly because of the way things are explained. 

Energy 2 Green uses the same types of parts, and suggests some of the same methods to build, but they don't explain how to put it together as well. Eventually we did get it all together, and it worked but it wasn't simple. 

When we used this one to convert a home I helped my friend get started, and then he worked to build more of the solar panels we required. He ended up having to buy extra parts to make them work, and the power generated in the end didn't quite match that of the first two. 

All in all this one isn't bad. The home did get converted, and it is generating enough power to run the entire home, but simply for easy of learning I would recommend the first two learning packages before Energy 4 Green.

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